Easiest API Manager ever!

Easy to

Get rid of the complexity of

APINIZER is high-performance, low-latency and scalable
API Management Platform!

It is designed to be easy and configurable with the shortest way available and provides virtual APIs for the business APIs.

APINIZER's Distributed & Clustered Architecture


API Management

  • Create a central point of documentation of APIs for developers, and managers
  • Import API Definitions using WSDL, WADL, Swagger Files/URIs or manually define REST APIs
  • Group your APIs within Applications and define users, keys and scopes of them
  • Test your services quickly by API Test Console

Gateway Manager

  • Create gateways/proxies in front of your APIs to configure policies and SLAs
  • Create, deploy, undeploy versions of your Gateways independently
    • Security:
      • Custom Authentication via Database or LDAP
      • Application Based Authentication
      • API Key Verification
      • Username-Password Authentication
      • OAuth 2 Server
      • SAML Validation
      • Scope Management
      • Method Based Access Control
      • Encrypted Datastores
      • CORS
    • Threat Protection
      • XML Threat Protection
      • JSON Threat Protection
      • Regular Expression Protection
      • Schema Validation
      • White IP Lists
      • Black IP Lists
      • Min and Max Message Size Control
      • Allowed Hours
    • Traffic Management
      • Throttling for Client
      • Throttling on API
      • Quota for Client
      • Quota on API
      • Caching
      • Load Balancing
      • Failover
    • Data Manipulation
      • Rest - Soap - Rest Transformation
      • Request Transformation
      • Response Transformation
      • Redaction (Mask, Remove, Change)
      • Error Response Template

Instance Management

  • Create and configure log and gateway instances dynamically at run-time.
  • Start/stop and check health of your instances quickly and easily.
  • Let and enjoy APINIZER handle all details behind the scene to manage your servers.

SLAs & Actions

  • Define various rules for Gateways or Instances, and configure Actions to be performed.
  • Create your custom reports with Query Designer and schedule them to run at specific periods.
  • Define rules for gateways by;
    • Cache Hit/Miss
    • Client IPs
    • User Identity
    • HTTP Methods
    • Request Message Size
    • Message Content
    • Response Codes
    • Results of Policies
    • Response Time
  • Define rules for instances by;
    • CPU Usage
    • Disk Usage
    • Memory Usage
  • Configure Actions for SLAs to send;
    • System Notification
    • E-Mail
    • Request to Rest API
    • Request to Soap API


  • Select which parts of message traffic and content will be logged
  • Overcome huge amounts of data by increasing number of log instances dynamically

Analytics & Monitoring

  • Monitor statistical information about performance, latency, error Rate, API usage ...etc
  • Enjoy Full-Text Search capability and enormous number of filter options on log records