Service Registry

Service RegistryIt ensures that the web services used by the organization are defined, available and accessible.

Service Router (API Gateway)

Service Router (API Gateway)

APINIZER opens access to the organizations services through virtual addresses. Therefore, requests go through APINIZER which enables the services to be virtualized and the content to be monitored.

Threat Protection

Threat ProtectionIn situations such as structural defects in data, data size exceeding the allowed amount or a SQL injection within the content, APINIZER determines whether there are any threats and acting as a firewall, prevents them from entering the internal systems.

Data Transformation

Data TransformationAPINIZER can change the format of messages that are received through services and/or messages that return from internal services.


ThrottlingIt restricts some of the requests that are delivered to the services on the gateway to prevent the organization's servers from working under excessive load and to ensure that the internal system functions in a stable manner.


MonitoringStatistical information such as instant requests received on servers, success status of the requests, average data sizes and average response times can be monitored.


AlarmsAPINIZER enables creating automatic alarms for specified durations and conditions on the servers and ensures that relevant subscribers are notified.

Full Text Search in Message Content

Full Text Search in Message ContentIf the content of messages are stored, it is possible to conduct full text search in incoming and outgoing messages.

Creating Source Code

Creating Source CodeIt allows creating source codes for Web Services that use data types defined within the application. This saves software developers from time and errors.

Security Check (Authentication)

Security Check (Authentication)With APINIZER, only authorized users can access service. Authorization can be integrated to the organization's current single-sign-on infrastructure. It can also be made possible for defined users on the application to send data to the service.


AuthorizationIt ensures that users are allowed to access the requested sources within permitted authorities. It allows masking and transformation on data and also enables removing unwanted parts of the data.

Schema Validation

Schema ValidationAPINIZER checks the compatibility between incoming messages and data schemas within internal services and detects any issues before being delivered to the application server.

Restricting Service Access

Restricting Service AccessWhen the establishment requires security, it ensures that only messages which are from IP addresses that are not listed as restricted or blocked can be received by the services within the gateway. The accessible hours for services can also be set by using the gateway.

Servis Yük Dağılımı (Load Balancing)

Load Balancing

APINIZER can direct the incoming requests to different servers in order to distribute the load among all servers within the organization.

Request/Response Log

Request/Response LogOptionally, messages received by the services and messages which return from internal services can be stored on APINIZER.


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